Whether you’re on the move and looking for a quick bite, or fancy getting a delivery in, the many independently run takeaways in the area are bound to satisfy the biggest appetites.

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Fish & Chips

Good old fashioned British Fish & Chips, arguably our most famous culinary export. Few can resist the mouth-watering combination of hot and fluffy chunky chips, with juicy white fish in a crispy golden batter. The fresh fish is usually either cod or haddock and the potato varieties can change daily. Chip shops also serve anything from battered sausages, pies, fish cakes, pineapple fritters, pickled eggs and mussels among many other tasty sides.


There are plenty of decent pizza takeaway kitchens in Banbury and a couple in both Bicester and Chipping Norton. Some are dedicated pizzerias and others offer pizzas in addition to their kebab and chicken ranges, so there’s plenty of choice if you don’t feel like going for the large chain offerings.


Indian takeaways are as popular as Chinese and pizza, so you’ll be spoilt for choice especially in Banbury town, where the more popular sit-in restaurants also offer the service. There are plenty of kitchens even out in the villages of the area.


You can always be assured of a Chinese takeaway to satisfy those hunger pangs, from sweet, sticky and indulgent dishes to fresh vegetables and soups, you’ll always end up with a favourite. Mainly found in the town centres but also in a handful of villages, with delivery services available.

Kebabs, Burgers & Chicken

Perhaps you’re torn between a juicy kebab, fries with mayo or an indulgent pizza? There are plenty of town-based takeaways offering a bit of everything, with large grilling areas in place to cope with those packed after-hours urges.

Baguettes & Sandwiches

Ah the trusty sandwich; freshly baked bread with your filling of choice, it’s often hard to beat. There are plenty of places to pick up a doorstep sandwich, baguette or ciabatta, often catering to the lunchtime crowds in town. Seasonal fillings and a good choice of breads means there always new combinations to try.


The British love a bit of spice so the addition of a Mexican takeaway is a very welcome offering in Banbury. There are also great restaurants to experience if you’re visiting Oxford.


Lebanese food is a fresh alternative to the kebabs in many takeaways, with delicate herbs and spices and healthy vegetable dips adding a delicious Middle Eastern twist. Take a look in Banbury and towards Oxford and Leamington Spa.