Broaden your creative skillset as you dig deeper into your own interests. Take a good look at what the area has to offer; from independent businesses offering workshops, professionals guiding you through tailored lessons or short courses to gain a qualification in your favourite hobby.

Here are some examples of classes and courses that you could enrol in this year. We’ll have full details about classes for 2019 soon.


  • Gallery Visits & Tours
  • Painting & Life Drawing
  • Art History
creative classes for art


  • Art & Textiles & Photography
  • Music, Singing & Dancing
  • Creative Writing
creative classes

Knitting & Textiles

  • Knit & Crochet Groups
  • Printing Techniques
  • Quilting & Textiles
creative classes for knitting

Cooking & Baking

  • Baking
  • Cookery Skills
  • Pastry Skills
creative classes for baking

Dancing & Singing

  • Dance, Singing & Performance
  • Classical Ballet & Tap
  • Modern/Freestyle
creative classes for dancing

Wedding Dancing

  • First Dance Classes
  • Party Choreography
  • Usher Toast Routines
creative classes for weddings

Chocolate Making

  • Artisan Courses
  • Pastry Tuition
  • Baking Classes
creative classes for chocolate making


  • Art of Perfumery
  • Perfume Making Courses
  • Science of Smells
creative classes for perfume making


  • Pottery Wheel Skills
  • Creative Development
  • Presentations & Critique
creative classes for pottery


  • Camera Skills
  • Lighting & Composition Techniques
  • Developing & Presentation
creative classes for photography