Hello and welcome to the new site all about Banburyshire, where you’ll discover the history, people and places of this historically influential part of Britain.

Read on to discover what we have in store for you, over the coming months and years.

Our Idea

When we formed the idea for a Banburyshire specific website, we envisioned a truly detailed experience where good editorial content and specific information is paramount. As a result we designed a travel guide that will serve both local residents and tourists or visitors alike.
Our aim was simple;

“To create a comprehensive online repository of information, stories and features that will help anyone around the world view Banbury and it’s beautiful surrounding towns and villages in much greater detail.”

As an unofficial county (the ‘shire‘ suffix being informally added hundreds of years ago), there’s no specific council-run website to represent the area. Banbury became a trading hub in the 19th century, with many of the surrounding villages looking to the town to help coordinate and transport products, workers and supplies across the country.

It became an important administrative centre in it’s own right, independently of the cities of Oxford and Birmingham. This bond still exists today, we therefore wanted to represent these connections and keep the strong community spirit alive.

signposts in banbury
the lampreys building in banbury
traditional banbury Cakes
the rollright whispering knights stones

What We Provide

If you live in the area, our website may help you find local hidden gems that have escaped your attention previously. Perhaps you’re planning a visit to Banburyshire, if so you’ll find a wealth of information to help make your stay the best it can be.

Furthermore, as a comprehensive travel guide with interesting tourist information, visiting Banburyshire.co.uk means you’ve come to The Right Plaice (a nod to our favourite chip shop from the 1980s), to assist you on your travels.

Discover the rich history behind the towns, villages and people that have shaped the area for millennia. Explore the rolling countryside, the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the Oxford Canal, the Cherwell River and its native wildlife. Get to know the traditions and folklore that makes a specific place unique.

white lion walk in banbury town centre
an old hunt edmunds brewery plaque embedded in a wall
bliss mill in chipping norton

The Community

Delve into the communities that support their residents, local businesses and the many visitors that share Banburyshire throughout any given year. Access detailed information about the important services that support the area; libraries, schools, museums, public transport, charities and local support groups among others.

Over the coming years we’ll bring you in-depth information on the best attractions, activities, events, independent shops and burgeoning businesses, which we provide along with interactive maps, unique photos and videos.

But most importantly of all, we’re here to help everyone share all this information and let the world know where to visit for everything about ‘Banburyshire’.

We sincerely hope you’ll find our unique content rewarding and informative – and there’s much more to come, so subscribe to our occasional newsletter to ensure you get the latest updates in your inbox.

The Banburyshire.co.uk team, November 2018

P.S. If you’re a local business owner or event organiser then we’d love for you to get in touch with us. We can help showcase the area in even greater depth, with help from the people that make the area thrive.



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